About the Artist

I studied English at UC Santa Barbara with an emphasis in American Folk Culture.  When I wasn't exploring the fantasy lands of Western literature and folk culture, I was composing short fiction on my portable Smith-Corona typewriter.  My heart is steeped in the symbolism and silversmithing tradition of the Southwest, the cosmic landscapes of imaginary planets, and the dark and mysterious notes of American blues music.

The jewelry I choose to adorn myself with each morning is part of a ritual that has more to do with my own intuitive response to the materials than any written word regarding the metaphysical properties of stones and metals.  This ritual is at the center of each and every design that comes out of my studio.  I like to imagine beautiful humans choosing pieces by Osa as a perfect complement to their mood and personality.  My materials of choice are sterling silver and natural turquoise from the mines of the American Southwest.

When I see a piece of Jasper, I see alien planets or the mountains and deserts of Earth.  When I see turquoise, it is a stone that has fallen from the sky.  I have traded in my typewriter ink for metal and stone, and I hope my work tells this tale.